Teacher Training
Course Type Teacher Training
Target Group Teachers of German
Course Content Teacher Training and Language Course
Course Type Teacher Training
Course Locations Berlin | Frankfurt | Hamburg | Munich
Course Duration 2 weeks
Course Dates year-round | every Monday
Course Levels Advanced Learners
Timetable -
Lessons 26 lessons per week
Students per class -
Teaching Materials not included
Activity Program 2 per week | weekend excursions
Accommodation Family | Youth hotel | Hotel

Course Content

Learning never ends… already noticed the great German composer Robert Schumann. And the first German chancellor Otto von Bismarck also had to admit at old age: I’m learning as long as I live. Thus, I’m still learning today. We’re not going to contradict this – on the opposite: Language professionals as well should constantly improve their knowledge… because a language is downright living through change! Teachers of German language will have the opportunity of updating their knowledge and know-how: What are the latest teaching materials used in German classes? Are there any new trends and methods? Come to our institutes and our teachers will give you all the information you’re asking for…

No matter if you work at a private language institute or a public school: Being a professional teacher you always experience instruction only from the teacher’s point of view! If you decide taking our Teacher Training course you’re going to play the student’s part for a change and, thus, you’ll understand how differently teaching methods will be perceived from the learner’s point of view. This will be very exciting and will also enable you to reflect on your own professional situation for instance by comparing our teaching methods with your own. Class visitations and discussions with our teachers will help you doing this. You’ll see: there’s still quite a lot to learn…

Study German… being a Student

Our German course for teachers covers 26 lessons per week, divided into 3 instructional stages correlating with one another: In this teacher program you will study German language being a regular student, being an observer and being a critic! At the first stage you are participating in a Standard Course and will experience our international classes from a student’s perspective. You’ll gain a lot of new impressions about pedagogical methods. Furthermore, you’ll have time to compare the pedagogical styles of your teachers with your own and to reflect about the differences. The main thing at this stage, though, is that you are going to improve your own language competence by participating in this course.

Study German… being an Observer

In addition to your daily participation in the Standard Course you can look forward to 4 more lessons per week – however, this will be in another class with different teachers. Thus, you’ll have the opportunity to experience and analyze a variety of individual pedagogical methods and a large number of very different teacher personalities. Your attention will again be focused on analyzing the test materials, the methods and the general group dynamics: Is the selection of teaching methods age-related? How do you evaluate the use of supplementary materials? Are materials like audio and video tapes meaningfully integrated into the instructional context? In this second course stage you’ll learn, most of all, by observing!

Study German… being a Critic

After class you are going to meet the second stage teacher for an individual discussion. Here you’ll have the opportunity speaking about pedagogical approaches, educational concepts as well as the curriculum in particular. Here, at stage 3, your contributions are most important and the experiences you’ve made will be evaluated. There’s plenty of time for intensive professional discussions among two experienced colleagues – meaning your German instructor and you, a teacher as well. This way, you can develop new ideas, talk about new teaching materials and about encouraging intercultural comparison. A final meeting with the school director will complete the program where you’ll go beyond the pedagogical aspect by also gaining insight into the management of a language institute such as did. This way, you’ll get to know the essentials of our institute in only two weeks time.

Course Prices

Included in the price:

/// Placement test | Personal assessment interview
/// Teacher Training | 26 lessons per week
/// Certificate at the end of course
/// 2 activities / week (admission and fare not incl.)
/// Weekend excursions (admission and fare not incl.)

2 weeks
640,- €
High season supplement / week (02.07. - 24.08.18)
35,- €
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