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You probably know this very typical phrase from both your parents and from school: German is important for your future – so, make an effort and study your vocabulary! Of course, they’re right – the German language is important – very much, in fact! No doubt, it takes an effort to learn German, we, however, are going to show you first at all: German is such a cool language and you’ll have lots of fun studying it – no matter what your German grades at school look like. The reason is: Aside from grammar and conversation exercises – in our Intensive Course with 24 lessons per week you and the other 14-17 year olds will focus on the essentials: The fun it means when you discover a foreign language and you can suddenly use it actively.

Augsburg | German Courses

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German at a teacher's house

There are many possibilities to learn a language – you don’t necessarily have to go to school for that. With the Deutsch Privat Program you can acquire our language rather casually and in a familiar, informal atmosphere. Sometimes it is even your host mother or host father who is taking care of your language lessons. If not, the teacher will come to the host family’s home for instructing you. Now all you got to do is deciding how intensively you want to study German: 10, 15, 20 or 25 lessons per week? You’ll see – if you decide to learn German with this program you are going to master the language almost without any effort. Being a new member of the family you’ll pick up both naturally – our language and our traditions.

Group Stays

Do you teach German at a school and do you want to organize a group or class trip to Germany? That’s a very good idea – Germany has plenty to offer and there are so many things worthwhile discovering: For instance Munich and the vicinity… fairy tale castles, medieval monasteries and crystal clear lakes. Or how about a tour to romantic Heidelberg – where millions of visitors every year are spellbound by the magnificent glory of this historic town. Exciting, on the other hand, is a tour to Berlin. Here the city changes from year to year. Or you might be interested traveling to another destination? Feel free to ask us: We would like to organize your students’ stay in Germany individually – completely according to your plans and ideas.

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