Visa Service

As soon as you have enrolled in writing or online at did deutsch-institut, you are going to receive a confirmation of registration and a bill for the program you have selected. Please pay the amount via bank transfer onto the account of did deutsch-institut. You may find our bank account and routing number in our pricelist under General Terms. Upon receiving the total amount of the bill, we are going to send you the confirmation of payment and an invitation letter. In an exceptional, urgent situation, we can also send you the visa documents for an extra charge via express mail. When making plans to study in Germany, please consider that your visa application may take some time. You should therefore contact us for Visa Service right in time!

After receiving all necessary did visa documents, such as the confirmation of payment and the letter of support, you are going to submit these forms with all the other required documents to the German Embassy or Consulate in your home country in order to apply for a visa. Please inform us as soon as you received your visa, in case of any delays or if your application was rejected. In case you might face any problems obtaining the visa, we try to support the visa application process. If the application is rejected, we are going to reimburse the total amount of the payment minus the fee for both visa and bank charges.

Please note in case you have recieved the invitation letter from did and have applied for your visa, that as long as you have not received your official rejection letter from the embassy, we are not able to refund you any fees or cancel the course.

Entry Requirements and Visa

European Union (EU) citizens only need a valid identity card for traveling to Germany. Many travelers from non-EU countries will need a visa.

Visa Application

Participants who would like to take advantage of the did Visa Service have to pay the total invoice amount before we are going to send them a letter of invitation. Information on the visa regulations has to be obtained from a German embassy or consulate in the participants’ home country. did is not responsible for the visa application. For the visa service did will charge a service fee of 200 €. This amount will be reimbursed upon a successful visa application. If the application is rejected did will refund the participant the total amount of payment minus the fee for both bank and Visa Services.