От Аугсбурга до баварской столицы всего 30 минут на поезде! Но несмотря на близость к Мюнхену Аугсбург, третий по величине город в Баварии, сохраняет свой неповторимый шарм: здесь живется легко и уютно, без стресса. Сплошь и рядом видны фонтаны, люди, отдыхающие в уличных кафе, студенты, играющие в парках в футбол. И конечно же, в Аугсбурге везде заметны следы великой истории: в эпоху Возрождения этот город был центром архитектуры, музыки и живописи. Здесь жили предки Хольбейна и Моцарта, Бертольд Брехт был тоже родом из Аугсбурга. Кто впервые приедет в Аугсбург, тот обязательно сюда вернется – ведь город всего в 30 минутах езды от Мюнхена!

Наша летняя резиденция для юниоров


Развлекательная программа

German Courses for juniors in Augsburg

Our school

Our school is located in a pleasant building in the center of Augsburg, located just a few minutes walk from the old historic district. Since Augsburg is a university city, you will find many cafes there that are well suited to the student lifestyle. And even today, Augsburg has many medieval parts remaining, so you can almost feel the history when walking in certain parts of town.

Many nearby museums, theaters, parks and cinemas offer the opportunity to explore the cultural life of Augsburg. Our school is located only a few minutes from the main train station and you can easily travel with public transportation to class.

In only 2 minutes you can reach the Königsplatz, where you will find many shops and restaurants. Augsburg is also well known for its Fuggerei (world's oldest social housing complex founded by the Fugger family in 1516), the famous city hall and the traditional Augsburger Puppenkiste (a marionette theater founded in 1948 with its own TV show since 1953). The most popular characters from the Puppenkiste are "Jim Knopf”, “Lukas der Lokomotivführer" and "Urmel aus dem Eis". You may visit the theater as part of our excursion program.


In order to make your stay comfortable and efficient, we offer the following amenities at the school:

/// 5 year-round classrooms (+ 3 additional summer classrooms at a nearby hotel)
/// classrooms fully equipped with tables and blackboards
/// student office open during business hours for information about your stay
/// teachers with many years of experience in language teaching and exam preparation
/// 3 computers
/// free WiFi
/// possibility of taking exams at our Munich location (additional surcharge required)

Further informationen about our year-round German classes for juniors you can find here.

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